What is Worse a DUI or DWI?


What is Worse a DUI or DWI?

Are you wondering which is worse – a DUI or a DWI? To be sure, when it comes to DWI bail, things can become very crucial, very quickly. DWI stands for Driving While Intoxicated. DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence. A DUI refers to the offense of having both drugs and alcohol in the driver’s system. In terms of severity, a DWI is far more serious. This is because a DWI requires a test to prove that the driver was intoxicated. This test can be used in court.

What Does DWI 1st Mean?

Are you wondering what can happen when you get your first DWI? Please review the following list to become more aware of the circumstances that can occur in the wake of your first DWI.

  • An OWI, which is also known as a DWI, is a first offense in Louisiana. This occurs if the driver has no earlier OWI convictions. This is only true, however, if there are no other earlier driving-related convictions. For instance, vehicular homicide can act as a prior offense.
  • A first offense OWI is typically a misdemeanor. 
  • Upon conviction, a person can be punished with ten days to six months in jail. House arrest can be possible in lieu of jail time. 
  • A convicted defendant will also be required to pay between three-hundred to one-thousand dollars in fines.

What is the Difference Between OWI and DWI?

As mentioned previously, a DWI stands for Driving While Intoxicated. OUI stands for Operating Under the Influence While Impaired. OVI means Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated. The acronym OWI stands for Operating While Intoxicated. These various different terms and acronyms can be exchanged based upon the laws of the land.

What Happens When You Get Your First DWI?

Typically, when a defendant is charged with their first DUI, then it will be considered a misdemeanor offense. In such a case, an individual will be punished with fines, community service, license suspension, and possibly probation. If a person has a very sordid previous criminal history, then the circumstances will change. For instance, a person with no criminal history will have fewer consequences than a person with a serious criminal history.

Can DWI Be Dismissed?

It is possible for DUI charges to be dismissed prior to the actual trial. In some scenarios, the prosecution could dismiss the case on their own because there are known problems with the case. The case should be very solid prior to the trial date. Usually, DUI cases are dismissed because criminal defense attorneys can be very persuasive with their criminal defense lawyer arguments and motions. In circumstances where the case is very serious, and the facts are indisputable, it will be very difficult to have the case dismissed.

DUI Bail Cost

For a first offense DUI in Louisiana, a DUI is considered a misdemeanor. That means that the defendant will be prescribed a fine between three hundred and one-thousand dollars. They can also spend anywhere between ten days and six months in jail. 

DUI Bail

If an individual has been arrested for a DUI multiple times, then the judge will understandably levy a harsher penalty. That means more jail time, increased fines, and more censure. Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous, which is why it is important for individuals to learn from their mistakes. DUI bail is a way for individuals to make sure that they arrive at their court dates on time. Defendants have the opportunity to either post the bail in full, or utilize an appropriate bail bondsman.

DUI Released Without Bail

There are instances where a person who has been arrested for a DUI can be released without bail. If a DUI defendant has been arrested and booked into police custody, they can be granted an “own recognizance” release. In this kind of scenario, the suspect is released after promising, in writing, to appear in court for all court proceedings that are coming up. A “no recognizance” release is very rare in the court system. It is important to remember that on a “no recognizance” bail a judge can place conditions on a defendant that is released on their own recognizance. They will probably need to check in routinely with a probation officer.


DUI Bail Amount

Depending on where you are arrested in the United States, the bail amount will differ. The prevailing politics of the state may also have a hand in how severe or how lenient the sentence is. In order to find out the usual bail amount in your state, please be sure to consult the laws regarding DUIs and DWIs.

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