What Happens With Your First DWI?


What is Worse a DWI or DUI?

When it comes to driving while intoxicated or DWI should be considered egregious and serious. Depending on the conditions, fines can range from the hundreds to the thousands with jail time ranging from days to months. The severity of the punishment can increase depending on the blood alcohol level and will have your license suspended for months as well. As opposed to driving under the influence (DUI), a DWI is considered a more serious offense. The difference between the two is depending on the level of alcohol in the system, below being a .08 is considered a DUI with the higher percentages being a DWI. In the state of Louisiana regarding a DWI, the classification can be a misdemeanor depending on the circumstances and if it’s a first offense. Anything more or after that can be harsher and may need the assistance of DWI bail, which is easily capable of assisting in the process. 

Upon further transgression that results in a repeat offense, the person will most likely receive harsher penalties that will include jail time, a heavier fine, and your license being suspended if not revoked. When dealing with such penalties, A-1 Bail Bonds of Louisiana in Lafourche Parish, LA you can get the DWI bail you need during the process. Call 985-446-9007 today to start the process and schedule your appointment.

What Happens When you get a DWI?

As mentioned, the punishment for getting a DWI depends on the severity of the situation, but it should be assumed the punishment will not be minor. To note, when DWI is mentioned it could mean driving under the influence or driving while impaired. To be clear, this refers to a DWI as driving under the influence because on occasion the latter definition can mean something different depending on the legal authority giving out the punishment. When it actually comes to what to expect in the process, you could most likely see:

  • Prior to the judgment, you will take a breathalyzer test
  • The officer will serve you a summons 
  • You may be taken off the road, away from your car, and be taken to a cell at the nearest police station
  • Your personal information will be taken along with a mugshot and fingerprints

After the immediate process, you will be served out your punishment. It could include a class that is required to be completed, an extended period of probation, license suspension which may include having to earn it back, and more if the judge or officer believes it necessary. Through this process, DWI bond providers like those at A-1 Bail Bonds of Louisiana can assist in the process by offering our bond services and some advisement in the process. Contact us when you are in need of bonds assistance in Lafourche Parish, LA.

Does a DWI Stay on Your Record?

When it comes to a DWI in most states, including Louisiana, there is not a possibility to rid it from your driving record. The offense will appear on any background checks for the next ten years and after will not appear if the offender does not commit another in that ten year period. Unfortunately, on driving records it is far more difficult to get offenses expunged nor sealed so it can come up after a ten year period if searched for specifically. When the DWI is considered a misdemeanor, you can more easily file for an appeal or petition to have it removed. In the case where a DWI is not a misdemeanor, the process of an appeal or petition of removal is far more difficult and can often be fruitless. A person should have more luck with the assistance of a DWI bond to get clear of the process and have a clean record for the next decade.


What is a DWI Level 5?

A DWI case tends to take between twenty to forty days for proceedings and judgment if not longer depending on the circumstances. In terms of how severe a case can be considered, the court and law system has levels ranging between level five being relatively minor to level one being the harshest to be considered. In the state of Louisiana, this system is switched from one being lesser to four being harsher and five not being in the system. The levels thereby can include:

  1. Level one: Up to two years of probation, $1,000 max fine, community service and court-approved re-education, some jail time or house arrest
  2. Level two: Higher minimum of jail time and probation, fines up to $1,000, more community service and court-approved re-education
  3. Level three: Felony charge, minimum of one year in prison to five with hard labor possible, $2,000 fine, home incarceration a possible addition with also possible vehicle and license forfeiture. Substance abuse treatment and evaluation.  
  4. Level four: Felony charges, an extended period of community service, and years of probation. Substance abuse treatment and evaluation. A decade in prison with thirty years being possible. Forfeiture of vehicle and driver’s license. 

As seen, the more severe the crime, the punishment tends to match it in Louisiana. When you need bail bonds for any of the four levels, why not trust A-1 Bail Bonds of Louisiana in Lafourche Parish, LA. Call 985-446-9007 to get the process started and get your DWI bail today.