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Many people are of the belief that it’s a good idea to refuse a breathalyzer test. If they are knowingly sober, they think that refusing will prove their innocence, which is not always the case. Refusing to accept a breathalyzer test does not inherently prove your innocence nor does it inherently prove your guilt. The best way to deal with these situations is to accept the test then invest in DUI bail bonds for Lafourche Parish, LA arrests, if needed. For help with that, rely on A-1 Bail Bonds of Louisiana. Give us a call at 985-446-9007 to get started. 

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What is a Breathalyzer Test?

A breathalyzer test is a blood alcohol content from a breath sample. If you are pulled over for the suspicion of driving under intoxication, you may be asked to perform this test. The way it works is, you will breathe into a tube in which there is a multitude of sensors. Those sensors attempt to detect the level of alcohol in your system at that time. While it is an effective way of doing this, it is by no means the most effective way. That would be a blood test, but police officers rarely have the ability to complete that while in the field. Because of that, breathalyzer tests are more often used. What many want to know is should they accept a breathalyzer test or a DUI charge? The most basic answer is to accept the test. Doing so is not an admission of guilt, especially if you know you are sober. The reason for this is because failure to cooperate with a police officer can lead to more trouble than you think. If you are arrested even after passing a breathalyzer test, there is bail bonds for DUI arrests that can help. 

Why You Should Accept a Breathalyzer Test

The general thought is that drivers should not accept a breathalyzer test because it’s an admission of guilt. The problem is, that is not necessarily true. Regardless if you are completely sober or not, DUI bail bonds and breathalyzer tests are serious situations to be in. These are moments that require a certain level of brevity that will hopefully, ultimately help you in the long run. Even if you are sober, we highly recommend accepting a breathalyzer test during a field or police station visit. From there, you can pay your DUI bail bonds and fight the charge in court, rather than lose your license. 

  • Implied Consent: In every state, including Louisiana, there is something known as implied consent. This refers to the fact that as a legal, license carrying individual, you have agreed to cooperate or consent to law enforcement procedures. Meaning, if you are asked to comply with a breathalyzer test, there is the expectation that you will agree. 
  • No Refusal Zones: Sometimes, there are no refusal zones or policies. This often happens during holidays or around major sports events. What this means for drivers is, they cannot refuse to take a sobriety test of any kind. Refusal during these times or in these places can result in an automatic arrest and charge. 
  • License Suspension: Even if you aren’t in a no-refusal zone, refusing to take a sobriety test of any kind can result in immediate license suspension. That decision will be based on a number of factors such as number of arrests, convictions, and more. 
  • Fines and Penalties: And of course, refusing to take the test can mean higher fines and penalties on your end. DUI arrests happen because of observed behavior before and during an arrest. So if you pose a threat to public safety, even without a license, you may be subject to hire fees or bail amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you get a DUI without a Breathalyzer or blood test?
    • Yes, it is possible to receive a DUI without any toxicology report or breathing test completed. If you are exhibiting reckless behavior or mannerisms that indicate intoxication of any form, that could also make you a threat to public safety, you can be arrested and charged with a DUI. 
  • Is it better to take or refuse a breathalyzer?
    • While it sounds counterintuitive, it is often considered better to accept a breathalyzer test rather than refuse. Even if you are completely sober, refusal to cooperate with authorities could result in serious consequences like suspension of license and more. 
  • What happens if you pass a breathalyzer?
    • Passing this test does not guarantee acquittal. As mentioned, if you are exhibiting behavior that suggests reckless endangerment of yourself or others, you can still be arrested under the charge of a DUI. 
  • How accurate is a breathalyzer?
    • Breathalyzer devices do have a margin of error that can be challenged in courts. That in mind, most breathalyzer tests administered at police stations are often accepted, regardless of that margin of error. No matter what, the most accurate way of test the blood alcohol content is with the blood. 
  • Can you be convicted of DUI without breathalyzer?
    • Unfortunately, yes, you can be charged and convicted without either test being done. There are a number of circumstances that can affect a judges final ruling. While these tests are often accepted, they aren’t needed if this is a repeated offense or if you are driving without a license that has been suspended because of a previous intoxication arrest.
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