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Police Arrest a Man on Misdemeanor Charges.

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While less serious than felonies, misdemeanor offenses can still land you in jail. Anytime you’ve been arrested on a misdemeanor charge and find yourself in jail, you’ll want professionals on your side to provide you with misdemeanor bail in Lafourche Parish, LA. The dependable bail bonds agents at A-1 Bail Bonds of Louisiana are the professionals to trust for any of your bail service needs. We are available 24/7, so you can call us at 985-446-9007.

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In Louisiana, when you are arrested on misdemeanor charges, those charges will fall under one of three classes, either Class A, Class B, or Class C. 

  • Class A: These misdemeanors are the most serious and include offenses such a first-time DUI or possession of drug paraphernalia, and can land you in jail for up to one year if convicted. 
  • Class B: These misdemeanors include such offenses as criminal trespass and possession of cannabis over 2.5 grams but less than 10 grams. These offenses could lead to up to six months in jail. 
  • Class C: Such misdemeanors like disorderly conduct are considered the least serious, but you can still get up to one month in jail for these offenses.

No matter what classification your misdemeanor offense falls under when you’ve been arrested and jailed on these charges, you’ll want to get misdemeanor bail in Lafourche Parish, LA as soon as possible. Once the court sets a bail amount, A-1 Bail Bonds of Louisiana will act fast to get you released so you can work on your case.

We offer free consultations when you come in, so you’ll have a complete understanding of the bail process. This will help you make informed decisions about next steps. We also offer affordable payment and credit options and accept most forms of payment. 

While getting out on misdemeanor bail is a priority for the person in jail, the key thing to remember is that bail is an agreement between the court and the defendant to ensure the defendant returns for scheduled court hearings. Our priority as bond agents is to make sure the defendant meets all court requirements and makes it to scheduled court dates.

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If you need help with misdemeanor bail in Lafourche Parish, LA, let the dependable professionals at A-1 Bail Bonds of Louisiana assist you. We are available 24/7, so you can call 985-446-9007 anytime.