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Whether you’ve been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, when you’ve been jailed and need a bail bond service in Assumption Parish, LA, contact the professionals at A-1 Bail Bonds of Louisiana. Along with offering a complete range of services, we work quickly to get you out of jail. Call  985-446-9007 to find out how we can help.

Our Service Offerings in Assumption Parish, LA

As a leading bail bond service in Assumption Parish, LA, A-1 Bail Bonds of Louisiana acts quickly to get you released so you can go home and begin to prepare for your case. Our services are fast and reliable. As long as bail has been set, you can get help from our experienced team no matter whether you’ve been jailed for DUI, drug possession, weapons violations or other felony or misdemeanor offenses. You can reach our experienced bond agents around the clock to get help by calling 985-446-9007

Whenever you or your family members reach out to us for help, expect nothing less than exceptional service. Our team is wholly dedicated to helping our clients.

Our experienced professionals know that the bail bond process can seem lengthy and stressful, so we walk our clients through it for free. Our goal is to help you understand the process so you can make informed decisions as you go along. When you choose A-1 Bail Bonds of Louisiana as a bail bond service in Assumption Parish, LA, you’ll find we offer an affordable range of payment and credit options.

Although we make it a priority to get you out of jail as quickly as possible, we also make sure you return to court when scheduled. When you post bail, you’re making a promise to the court to return for scheduled hearings. When you miss your court date, you risk getting arrested, additional charges, and additional fees.

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When you’re in jail and need bail bond service in Assumption Parish, LA, you can count on the bond professionals at A-1 Bail Bonds of Louisiana for reliable and fast service. Our team is available around the clock. Call our team today at 985-446-9007.

Local Authorities and Courts

We want you to be able to get all the help possible. If you need assistance from the Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office, or jail, or 23rd Judicial District Courthouse, you may follow the links or contact them at the numbers below.

Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office
112 Franklin Street
Napoleonville, LA 70390
Phone: 985-369-7281

Assumption Parish Detention Center
233 Hwy 1008
Napoleonville, LA 70390
Phone: 985-369-7283

23rd Judicial District Courthouse
4809 Highway 1, Courthouse Building
Napoleonville, LA 70390
Phone: 985-369-6653